Foster Parenting

Washington County Children & Youth Services

Foster Parent Program

We are in need of loving, supportive, and committed foster families to provide a temporary home for children of all ages who are from Washington County but have been removed from their birth families due, most often, to abuse or neglect. Children who are welcomed by a supportive foster family are more likely to have a secure and successful future. Foster parents are needed in all areas of the county.
Foster Parenting is…
…caring for a child until the child’s parents can safely resume responsibility for taking care of the child or a permanent home can be found.
…a commitment to helping children and their families through a difficult period by providing love, support and guidance.
…learning and developing the parenting skills needed to meet the unique needs of each child.
…an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, their family and your community.
Foster parenting is rewarding! Foster parents can be vital in helping to break the chain of child abuse and neglect. Foster parents give many children their first chance to learn trust and help children through some of life’s hardest experiences. Foster parents are role models, providing an example of positive parenting for both the child and the birth parents.

Who Can Be a Foster Parent?

Just like any parent, foster parents are people from all walks of life, with various life experiences. You can
  • Be single, married, divorced, or in a partnership;
  • Have your own children or not yet be a parent;
  • Rent or own your residence;
  • Work;
  • Have a disability.

Basic Requirements to Become a Foster Parent

To qualify to be a foster parent, you must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Pass all required child abuse and criminal history background clearances ;
  • Meet Pennsylvania state and local requirements for housing, safety, space, and financial stability;
  • Have good physical and emotional health;
  • Demonstrate appropriate parenting skills, positive attitude, and stamina to effectively deal with the behavioral and emotional needs of children in care; and
  • Work cooperatively as part of a team with Washington County CYS, the birth parents, and other agencies in meeting all of the needs of the children placed in your care.

Supportive Services

Foster parents are not alone – the agency provides assistance to help you to meet the child’s needs.
  • All medical, dental and eye care is covered for the child.
  • A stipend is available to help defray the cost of caring for the child.
  • Assistance with day care expenses is available.
  • Ongoing training is provided to assist foster parents in meeting the needs of their foster children.
  • A foster care caseworker is available to provide support, education, and guidance to the foster family.

To Find Out More

Click here for Is Foster Parenting for You? -- answers to some frequently asked questions about foster parenting, or, contact:
Washington County Children and Youth Foster Parent Program
100 West Beau Street
Suite 502
Washington, PA 15301
at 724-228-6884 or toll free at 888-619-9906
or call Jane Zupancic directly at 724-228-6958