Intellectual Disabilities

About the Department

The Intellectual Disabilities (ID) program in Washington County is designed to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families the services and supports they need and the opportunity to make real choices about living, working, and options for social activities to enable them to live in and participate fully in the life of their communities.

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A flexible and dynamic system of supports and services are available for individuals with intellectual disabilities close to their home and community. The various systems are tailored to the needs of persons living in their home community, which include community, residential, and day support services.

Community residential options include group homes, single apartments with a roommate, or a family living setting. People are provided supports in their family home or their own home. Day services, such as supported employment, vocational training, and adult day activities are provided to people who live out of home. A wide array of services and supports are also available to families caring for a child or adult sibling with an intellectual disability. Services include case management, employment training, and adult day care.


To determine if you are eligible to receive ID services, you must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability based on the results of objective standardized testing. An intellectual disability is a permanent condition that affects a person's ability to learn and function in daily life that occurs during the developmental period. A diagnosis of an intellectual disability requires that both a person's general intelligence and ability to function in daily life be significantly below average. These two conditions may be present at birth or occur in the developmental period defined as prior to the person's 22nd birthday.

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